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In the background there is no multinational company but two determined dads!

Zsolt Giba- Founder

I am making my visions come true already for 27 years in different forms of businesses.

The main idea of ClassBox also poped out of my mind. In those days our child Richard attended elementary school, and when i asked him what was in school today, i got the same answer all the time: “Nothing”.

That time i remember a memory from my childhood…For my dad i also gave the same answer for this question when i was a student.

I started to think about….

Nothing has changed for 40 years?

From my elementary school I also have many memories that has an effect on my daily life, decisions.

So this means, that it is really important what happens to us and how we experience the events as a child, in this sensitive period of our life.

And that’s when i have decided!

I wanted to do something, for our children to live a real a life in these wonderful few years that they spend in the elementary school.

In the beginning my enthusiasm has touched many people, who wanted to be a part of the “change”, and got in the team of Classbox as professionals and owners.

I am not a pedagogue, so it is sure that i made many planning and development faults in the beginning, that are corrected by our team til these days.

But it’s not a problem! At the moment we are more sure about the importance of our goal, more than in the beginning. There is a need for change in the whole education, in the elementary school communities and classes too.

The current and future developments of ClassBox wants to support the creation and work of class communities, where the whole community has a helping, tolerating, accepting the values of the individuals. (…yes also the values of teachers too!)

If the cooperational willingness is improving in the class community, then the effectiveness and recognition of the teachers  is also increasing.

Kovács István - CEO

I am István Kovács, based on my education i am an economist, thus the numbers, charts and trends are determinative things in my life.

I like analyzing, solving problems and creating something new, especially if it serves the common good.

This is why I could identify with the goals of the ClassBox application, which means more for me than a just a digital development, or a useful educational tool for helping learning.

I am convinced, that the ClassBox will be able to develop the community cooperation, which will result in the lifestyle and mindset improvement of the upgrowing generations.

I believe that if we can improve the cooperation and trust between the elementary school teachers, students and their parents, then the children of today can become more happier and mroe successful adults.

The words of Zoltán Kodály can perfectly express my thoughts:

” Only happy children will become happy adults, and only from these can make a happy country. “

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