We show ClassBox can help your work as a teacher!

Our mission:

To help pedagogues to have an easier and more productive education, for more elementary school students could acquire the the knowledge and skills that are needed in the 21st century, and thus they will become happy and successful adults.

Why ClassBox is useful:

For teachers:

You can save time, because:

– you can group message to all the parents or just to one student

– there is knowledge sharing functions where you can find all the useful website links you need

-you can send a feedback to the parents about their children in a very creative way.

For parents:

You can get information about your child easily.

You can get a glimpse of your child’s class life.

By the help of the Class book function you can make an archive of your child’s elementary school memories.

For students:

You can chat with anyone from your class.

You can see the homework if others upload it for you.

You can write a secret diary that can be seen only by you.

For schools:

The leadership of the school can inform anyone easily in the school if they are registered into the portal.

You can upload videos about the school events that can be seen by anyone in the school.

You can also share the weekly lunch menu.


Virtual class community

ClassBox is the online version of the real class community. The community of form-master, teachers, students and parents in online version. This is the basis of ClassBox.


If someone is absent from the lesson, it is enough to upload the homework here and everyone can see it.

Common diary

You can write the actual school events even in one year ahead, thus everyone will see it.

Group chat

You can send all the important information to all parents at the same time. You don’t need to make the children write in the message book, thus you can save valuable minutes in the lesson.

Class Book

Class hiking? Carnival? Class Party?

You can save all the memories here! You can even upload the events to here in advance, and you can add every information and photos later.


This is an online knowledge library that can be edited by everyone. It is full of the most useful contents’ links with which you can improve your lessons and make your work more effective.

Memory book

This is one of the favorite apps of the students. They can make archives of their school memories.


As a teacher you can make your own timetable and you can share it with your students. Even the students can make their own timetable too.

The ClassBox in numbers:

Close to 10 000 users

More than 20 functions

We have more than 250 members in our Facebook group!

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