About the foundation

The intent, goal and the operation of the foundation: 

The goal of the ClassBox Foundation and the closed system based ClassBox platform, is to support the intellectual, emotional, and ethical improvement of the future generations (which is also the interest of every healthy society). This is also a basic responsibility and task of every parent and elementary education. At the same time we experience, that the parents and the school cannot cooperate effectively all the time regarding the teaching of children and nurturing.

As a result of this, there is much more  hardly manageable children with extreme attitude. The ClassBox Foundation wants to make this trend slow with the help of civil organizations who think the same, with responsible leaders and with the cooperation of representatives of the media. We also try to change this trend for the sake of a healthier, happier és more successful generation.

The founding the ClassBox Foundation: 

The mastermind of ClassBox created the Foundation on 6th of May in 2013. The injunction of the Nyíregyházi Törvényszék Bejegyző was made on 14th of June, in 2013 and became final and legally binding on 24th of July. The founding charter which was modified on 28th of may in 2016, the court accepted as legal on 6th of September in 2016, and thus it claimed our organization as a public benefit organization.

The current operation of the ClassBox Foundation:

The Board of Trustees is the final decision making board of the foundation, whose members are:

  • Kovács István  chairman
  • Giba Krisztina co-chair
  • Fényes Erika Ágnes member
  • Prekub Zsolt member

The Board of Trustees accepted the Code of Organization and Operation and much more important operational directives. 

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    Minden jog fenntartva!

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